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You dream of having a successful career as a software developer, making more money, having more freedom to work from anywhere in the world and using your creativity to do it. Our mission is to help you unlock all your potential to achieve that dream. Let us show you how.
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Our courses are among the most comprehensive you'll find anywhere.  Furthermore, they're designed for regular people to succeed.

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Unlike instructors who simply offer cheap online video courses, we also offer group coaching sessions to give you more options for learning.

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Sometimes you just need some one-on-one time with an experienced coach or mentor. We can give you that time too.
Meet the founder & instructor

Terry Christopher Martin

Terry Christopher Martin is a software developer who has had additional roles as a software architect, hiring manager and director across many industries and well-known companies such as MasterCard, Boeing, Bayer (formerly Monsanto), Lumen (formerly CenturyLink) and many more. In many of these roles, he has interviewed, conducted coding challenges and hired scores of developers. So, he has first-hand knowledge of what companies are looking for in professional Java developers. Terry brings all that knowledge to bear in this course to ensure students are presented with the most relevant skills possible to land great jobs. Of equal importance though, Terry has a passion for teaching what he knows, making the seemingly complex, easy, and mentoring others in their careers. Let Terry share his passion for learning and teaching with you too.
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