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Professional Java Developer Career Starter: Java Foundations

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Welcome to our Professional Java Developer Career Starter course! This comprehensive course is designed to help you master Java programming and launch your career as a Java developer.
If you're interested in starting a new career as a professional software developer, learn the fundamentals from an instructor who has interviewed, hired, managed & mentored numerous developers over the years. This course will teach you all the REAL Java skills you need to land your first job and excel. It focuses on skills you're actually likely to use most often and tries to de-emphasize more "academic" knowledge. The instructor has taken his experiences and observations of both successful and unsuccessful developer candidates to create a course that tries to ensure success in landing highly-coveted developer jobs.
Note: This course is intended for absolute beginners to programming OR those who don't mind a slower pace to learning Java. If you're looking for a faster-paced course, this may not be for you (though you can play back at 2x speed & may still find great things to learn). Also, even for those who already know some basic Java, you could skip over the parts you already know and focus on those you may not, like Regex, Streams/Lambdas API, Optionals, Date/Time, SQL/Database/JDBC sections that even seasoned Java developers may not know as well as they should. Many of our sections on these APIs are as long or longer than MANY stand-alone courses dedicated to just one of these topics - for similar prices. Check out our preview videos from each of those sections to gauge how deep we go into each topic.

High Level Overview

Learn the Latest Features of Java

You'll learn the most up-to-date features of Java that you can put to use right now. As relevant new features are released, we'll keep updating too. So you never need to worry you're missing out.

Build Your Skills and Confidence with Real-World Exercises and Projects

Throughout the course, you will work on real-world examples, coding exercises & projects that will help you build your skills and confidence, and prepare you for a successful career in Java development.

Finish the Course with a Solid Foundation in Java Programming

By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in Java programming and be ready to take on your first job as a Java developer or continue your education with more advanced courses.

Topics Covered:

You will not find a more comprehensive beginner Java course anywhere.
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Web Applications with HTML/CSS/Spring Boot
  • Database Programming - SQL/JDBC
  • Regular Expressions
  • Functional Programming (Streams & Lambdas)
  • Unit Testing & Test-Driven Development
  • Java 8 Date/Time API
  • Maven & Gradle Build Systems
  • Handling Text
  • Performing numerical calculations

See full curriculum below

Who is this course for?

Do you want to:
  • Earn a lot more money?
  • Work in a creative, fulfilling job?
  • Work with technology as a software developer?

People with NO experience

This course assumes you have little or no experience with programming. We give you everything you need.

Leveling up

People who want to work in a more future-proof industry.

People wanting a new career

You're someone interested in starting a new career as a pro software developer in just a few months.

More money

People looking to unlock potential to make a lot more money

People with OR without a degree

Whether you have a degree or not is irrelevant. We'll give you what you need in one course.

12-Week Bootcamp

Maintaining the motivation to get through a 90-hour self-directed video course on programming may not be equally easy for everyone. If you think you might prefer to learn with a combination of self-directed learning as well as more traditional group classes (online), then our bootcamp is for you.

Our bootcamp uses the popular "flipped classroom" model of learning popularized by Khan Academy, in which students watch our video lectures on their own and at their own pace and then once per week, meet up for a group session led by the instructor to get a review of that weeks topics, engage in Q&A and work on projects and exercises with the instructor present. Research has shown this can be a highly effective way to get more out of a course.
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Bootcamp Details:

  • "Flipped Classroom" learning model
  • 12 weekly sessions - 1.5 hours each
  • Week's topic will be reviewed in each session
  • There will be class discussion of topics with Q&A
  • Group will work on exercises and project assignments
  • Group classes conducted on Zoom
  • Exclusive Agile group project for more real-world experience
  • Much more affordable than other bootcamps
  • Flexible payment options

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premium bootcamp

Job Placement Opportunities with Premium Bootcamp

To complete your preparation to enter the workforce as a professional software developer, we offer two additional one-on-one services: Mock Interview & a full-fledged Coding Challenge. These one-on-one sessions are modeled completely on actual interview and coding challenges that our instructors have conducted for major corporations. Both sessions will end with live feedback to let candidates know where they may want to review before going on real interviews.

Perhaps most exciting of all - candidates who pass the interview and coding challenge will be forwarded to one of Neutrino's partner recruiting firms for job placement. This can be a powerful shortcut into the job market with a Neutrino endorsement to get your résumé/CV put near the top of recruiters' stack.

  1. Placement in a job is incumbent upon several factors such as current job availability and market conditions
  2. Currently, Neutrino only has recruiter partnerships with North American recruiting firms

Our students love us

Terry is an amazing teacher. I felt like I was an intern in a real job with a very considerate coworker who wants me to know all the best practices and latest technologies. Probably the best course on [internet site] for beginners and those who have some knowledge but got a bit lost in the learning process.
Magdalena P.
The content taught in this course was explained very well and in great detail. I began this course with no prior knowledge of Java, but finished feeling confident in my skills and ready to make some projects and create a resume.
Justin t.
Best course I have even (sic) taken on [internet site]. I am a professional developer, still learned a lot of new tricks along the way. Terry has been fantastic. In a way a bit sad that course has finished..
aj b.
I don't have words to describe it!. Tnks Terry, to put so much effort to provide us a such incredible course.
Waiting for your next spring boot course!
Leonardo S.
This is an excellent course! So much hard work has gone into making this course and it shows. This course will teach you practical approach to learn Java rather than overwhelm you with too many theoretical concepts...
ds R.
The best course and professor I've ever had!
Ellen k.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I take this course?

Over 6,500 students world-wide have already discovered why this course is the BEST way to break into the industry as a Java developer. The gist is that: it's comprehensive and detailed at 90 hours long. However, we don't waste your time on overly-academic topics that aren't used in most Java positions. We stay focused on the skills that actually count.

How is this course different from all the other?

You'll find very few Java courses that are THIS comprehensive and are taught by someone with decades of experience in the actual industry. Go ahead, try to find another course like it. We'll be here when you come back after realizing there are so few.

But don't I need to be really smart to be a programmer?

Absolutely not! Most business programmers are of average intelligence. We won't lie - there are some types of programming that may require more specialized knowledge and perhaps better-than-average intelligence, but the types of programming done by Java developers in most corporations does not require one to be Einstein. These are skills you can learn and we'll teach them to you.

Don't I need a college degree?

Nope! These days, companies understand there are lots of people who've learned programming by alternative means who are very capable. 

How does this course compare to bootcamps?

Actually, we offer an online virtual bootcamp that can be bundled with this course and for many, that is a highly-recommended way of ensuring you get the most out of the video course and stick with it until the end. However, traditional bootcamps average around $11,000 USD (as of 2022) and results can be mixed at best. Our approach is significantly less expensive and just see the testimonials to get an idea of how effective we are.
Meet the instructor

Terry Christopher Martin

Terry Christopher Martin is a software developer who has had additional roles as a software architect, hiring manager and director across many industries and well-known companies such as MasterCard, Boeing, Bayer (formerly Monsanto), Lumen (formerly CenturyLink) and many more. In many of these roles, he has interviewed, conducted coding challenges and hired scores of developers. So, he has first-hand knowledge of what companies are looking for in professional Java developers. Terry brings all that knowledge to bear in this course to ensure students are presented with the most relevant skills possible to land great jobs. Of equal importance though, Terry has a passion for teaching what he knows, making the seemingly complex, easy, and mentoring others in their careers. Let Terry share his passion for learning and teaching with you too.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Watch HOURS of Free Preview Lessons Here

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Welcome to Java

A brief welcome to the course and the language of Java
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What is Java?

Let's learn what Java is all about
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Our First Program: Hello World

This lesson teaches one of the keywords of Java
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Object Orientation

An overview of what Object-Oriented program looks like
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Class Basics

The basics of "classes" - the blueprints of Object Orientation
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Searching within a String - indexOf()

Searching for text within a String
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Capture Groups: Part One

Searching for patterns of text & remembering what was found
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Parsing a Real Text Document

Using advanced text pattern matching to parse important data from a non-trivial text document
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Intro to Spring #1

We build a fully-functional web app in this 12 hour final section. It's FREE on YouTube too.
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Intro to Spring #2

We build a fully-functional web app in this 12 hour final section. It's FREE on YouTube too.
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Intro to Spring #3

We build a fully-functional web app in this 12 hour final section. It's FREE on YouTube too.
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Intro to Spring #4

We build a fully-functional web app in this 12 hour final section. It's FREE on YouTube too.
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