Mock Interview Session One-on-One

  • Interviewer: Terry
  • Session time: 1.5 hours
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One of the hardest things about interviewing for a job, especially your first job in a new industry, is figuring out exactly why they didn't hire you. 
Wouldn't it be awesome if you could call up the interviewer and chat with them for 30-60 minutes afterwards and find out why? That's exactly what we're offering with this invaluable service.

You'll interview with someone who's conducted tons of interviews for major corporations but... he'll give you the honest feedback you'll need. It's almost like getting the answers to the test. You'll be ready for the real thing after this.

What's included?

  • 90 min 1:1 video session
  • Critique w/feedback
  • Interview rubric results
  • Coaching
  • Pre-interview checklist

Interview Details

Pre-interview checklist should first be reviewed by candidate to determine if they're ready for the interview to protect candidate from wasting a lot of money due to lack of preparation.
Session will be split between conducting the mock interview and providing feedback and coaching as needed. It will end with a final analysis and the results of a scoring rubric will be emailed.
Meet the interviewer

Terry Christopher Martin

Terry Christopher Martin is a software developer who has had additional roles as a software architect, hiring manager and director across many industries and well-known companies such as MasterCard, Boeing, Bayer (formerly Monsanto), Lumen (formerly CenturyLink) and many more. In many of these roles, he has interviewed, conducted coding challenges and hired scores of developers. So, he has first-hand knowledge of what companies are looking for in professional Java developers. Terry brings all that knowledge to bear in this course to ensure students are presented with the most relevant skills possible to land great jobs. Of equal importance though, Terry has a passion for teaching what he knows, making the seemingly complex, easy, and mentoring others in their careers. Let Terry share his passion for learning and teaching with you too.
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