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Spring Foundations

The most popular Java framework for building web apps & services.
One of the most comprehensive courses.
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Level-Up your career with the Spring Framework!

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Dive into our concise Spring Framework course and unlock the power of modern, enterprise-grade software development.

Welcome to Spring

With detailed, in-depth lectures that truly explain how things work plus highly visual depictions of abstract concepts and even animations combined with real-world code examples and techniques, you won't find a more comprehensive Spring Framework course anywhere.
Welcome to the Spring Foundations Course, one of the most comprehensive video on-demand courses you'll ever find. This course is the highly-anticipated follow-up to our incredibly successful "Java Foundations" course designed to help 100% novices to learn everything they need to break into a career as professional Java software developers.

This course picks up where the "Java Foundations" course left off, by teaching the ins and outs of the most popular Java framework in the world, The Spring Framework & Spring Boot. This framework is an absolute necessity for anyone wanting to be at the top of their game in corporate and business development with Java (or Kotlin too). That's because The Spring Framework is used by the majority of companies for everything from web application development to web services and much more. It is truly the de-facto standard.

In this course, you'll learn how the Spring Framework works and how to use it to maximum effect through highly detailed and in-depth lectures, plenty of code examples and innovative visual aids with occasional animations. This multi-media approach goes far beyond what most other courses do and it's what truly sets our courses apart from all the rest. So join us for the next chapter in learning and take your career to the next level.

Access the Course Early as a Drip Feed

What's a "Drip Feed"?

A "Drip Feed" is a course whose lessons are released one-at-a-time rather than all at once. This can be done for various reasons, but in our case, we're doing it to allow our students to have access to this valuable information as soon as possible and also to grant students an opportunity to provide feedback that can drive some aspects of the course in near real-time. Since releasing our incredibly popular "Java Foundations" course, students have been clamoring to know when our Spring course would be released, and this is a way that we can make it available sooner.

How Frequent are new Lessons?

We will release new videos each week until the course has been fully published. So students will have access to every lesson as soon as it's ready, rather than having to wait for the entire course to be done. This approach works very well for many students trying to learn the latest technology as soon as possible.

What's the benefit of a Drip Feed to me?

  1. No need to wait more months for the whole course to be completed.
  2. At this stage, your feedback is used to directly drive content of the course.
  3. Get the course at a discounted price.

Who else is doing this?

Lots of video course creators and technical book publishers have begun offering  "Early Access" or "Drip Feeds" of their content due to the long time it takes to create technical content of this kind and the speed at which technical information advances. Sometimes the information can change drastically from the time the course or book was begun to the time it's completed. So, having "early access" to the content as it's being produced is a GREAT way to ensure you're getting the most timely version of the material. Publishers like manning.com, and many others have similar offerings that are particularly popular for technical learners. So, don't miss out!

What guarantees do I have?

  • We guarantee this Spring Course in its completed form will be at least 30 hours of on-demand video.
  • The full course will reach 30 hours or more of on-demand video lessons (with comprehensive coverage of material) within 3-12 months from July 1, 2023 at the latest. Our target is closer to 3 months but unexpected incidents can always occur and as such, we feel confident that a buffer of 12 months is a worst-case scenario that we can still confidently guarantee.
  • The current list of sections (chapters) represents the high-level set of topics that will be covered. We will primarily release content in order, lesson-by-lesson, chapter-by-chapter, perhaps with the exception of chapter one, which we often complete at the end of the whole course to ensure it reflects everything within the course. However, we will make sure to provide Early Access students with everything they need either in chapter one or by way of student support/communications as needed.

What's included?

  • 7 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • Multiple Projects
  • 30+ Hours of Video

Reach Corporate Success

Empower your coding abilities by mastering Spring, a must-have skill for every corporate Java developer. From leveraging dependency injection to building RESTful services, we've got you covered.

An Essential Skill

In today's evolving tech industry, knowing just the basics isn't enough. Equip yourself with essential Spring Framework skills and stand out as a competent and versatile Java developer.
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Introduction to Spring Containers

A brief introduction to the Spring containers section
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What is a container?

A high-level overview of what Spring containers are all about
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Container Demo: Testing Part 2

Part 2 of an in-depth sneak-peek at common testing techniques

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Terry Christopher Martin

Terry has worked as a software developer, architect & director for over two decades for some of the largest, most well-known corporations in the world. He has touched numerous industries and domains such as: Finance, Aerospace, Biotech & Cloud Services.
As a manager & director, he has interviewed, hired and managed large teams of developers with a wide range of skills. Because of this experience, he has seen where so many developers fall short and he knows what it takes to land great software development jobs.
Let Terry share his vast knowledge of software development with you so that you can level-up your career!
Patrick Jones - Course author
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